School-Based Traineeships

Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships allow you to combine your schooling with part-time on-the-job training and formal study to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

This type of learning is a great way to get your career off to a head-start while you are still at school as you are already well under way to getting qualified before you have even finished Year 12.

A school-based traineeship can help you to:

  • Learn practical skills that employers desire
  • Start earning money
  • Get a head start on gaining a nationally recognised qualification for your future career
  • Gain credits towards your final years of schooling
  • Go on to higher education using the qualification as a pre-requisite once you have completed your apprenticeship or traineeship.

By starting an Australian Apprenticeship under a school-based arrangement you may be able to knock 1-2 years off an apprenticeship and even complete a traineeship depending on the qualification. The duration depends on the type of apprenticeship or traineeship, the industry and the qualification.


School-Based Traineeships

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