Financial Benefits and Funding

The Australian Government provides a range of financial assistance to businesses that invest in apprenticeships and traineeships.


  • A payment when an apprentice or trainee commences and/or completes their program
  • WA payroll tax exemption for apprentices and trainees where applicable
  • A payment for apprentices/trainees in rural or drought-declared areas
  • Wage Support for apprentices/trainees with a disability
  • Funding for workplace modifications to accommodate workers with a disability

Click here to view the range of incentive payments and support for employers

To obtain the funding you need to meet special conditions and eligibility criteria. An Apprenticeship Community staff member can advise which incentives are relevant to your industry and business and whether you are eligible.

There may be more funding sources available for employers and an Apprenticeship Community staff member can give you the most reliable advice for your industry, so you don’t miss out on the support available to train your staff.

Please note: eligibility criteria apply to all incentives and allowances. The Apprenticeship Community is responsible for managing the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program only. GST does not apply to incentives under the program unless otherwise stated.


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