Learn About the Harrison Assessment

The Harrison Career Assessment is a powerful online tool, built on research specifically related to job performance. The assessment provides a career development guide and career comparison report that identifies a person’s greatest strengths rated according to job satisfaction and enjoyment.

The Harrison Assessment will take a person’s answers and compare them to the criteria of hundreds of job titles, including over 400 Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships, helping to match their skills and strengths to possible employment opportunities.

You may not have even heard of some of these job choices before, but the career comparison report provides a starting point to investigate more about them.

There is no time limit, but it will generally take about 20–40 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Here are some tips to help you complete the assessment:

  • Be yourself – there are no right or wrong answers
  • Think about what you like to do most, not just in the workplace or class, but in other parts of your life, such as sports, hobbies and outside interests
  • Fill out the whole questionnaire at one time and without any input from others
  • Avoid distractions while you’re doing the assessment. That means no phone, texting, surfing the net or note-taking.
  • Statements in the questionnaire may be repeated. This can be frustrating, but it is done for good reason and ensures consistency.
  • If you repeat the assessment the questions are randomised to maintain the integrity and validity of the assessment tool.

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