Our Ongoing Support

We don’t just want people to start their apprenticeship or traineeship, we want them to finish it – and enjoy the journey along the way. That’s why The Apprenticeship Community provides apprentices and trainees with access to their own personal mentor.

Why mentoring?

Sometimes issues both in and outside the workplace can create stress which may reduce an apprentice or trainee’s ability to function efficiently in their role. Our mentors are there to help the apprentice or trainee to overcome these challenges, giving them the best possible opportunity to complete their training. It’s like having your very own life coach!

Results show mentoring works. Ninety per cent of apprentices/trainees who engage in The Apprenticeship Community’s mentoring program go on to complete their training.

How does it work?

An Apprenticeship Community mentor is always on-hand to provide a listening ear and all conversations are absolutely confidential.

Our mentors have experienced their own workplace challenges, and bring their life skills and knowledge to the table, along with regular encouragement and feedback.

Sometimes the change is simply in the way an apprentice/trainee sees their own situation. Looking from the outside in, a mentor can often provide a different way to see and approach the issue.

Best of all, the mentoring program is free.

Who do I call?

0417 244 513
0427 325 783

The mentoring program is funded by the Federal Government in recognition of the fact that apprentices and trainees face unique challenges and that employers are investing time and money training the workers of tomorrow.


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